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Distribution network by bib993

This is quite a mesmerizing piece! I wanted to say I quite like your color choice. I personally like the splashes of bright blue and white with the more subdued tan and grays. I think if there would have been more bright colors it would subtract from the actual design. To me I wouldn't want my eyes distracted by all of the colors being bright. I've never really sought out this type of art but was drawn to this one when I saw it. I mean this in the best way possible when I say it reminds me of pictures of viruses or similar things under a lot of magnification and then put in motion. I always loved stuff like that. I really enjoy this and think you did a wonderful job bringing out the design aspects without overwhelming it with color. I will admit I don't know the technical aspects behind this so I don't feel comfortable commenting more on that, just the colors and the overall impression. Thanks for sharing this!
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