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Lonely Cliffs and Waterfalls by catch---22

I don't have much to write as far as improvements go, but I did want to write a critique as I absolutely love this photo. I loved watching the waterfalls of CO in the spring and love seeing great photos of them. I enjoy how you caught the misty-ness and flow of the waterfall itself in contrast to the sharpness of the rock its pouring over. I suppose if I had to say one thing I wished was there I would like to see a bit higher on the waterfall. At the top it looks like it has branches of the water that are coming together which is an impressive sight, but perhaps that's just because I always want to know what's just around the corner or outside the frame, and perhaps you have those photos as I just stumbled on this and wanted to say more. I think it's a fabulous photo and it really brings me back to wandering CO in the springtime. I think the contrast and the overall composition are great. To me it's subtle and breathtaking, it makes me feel what I felt when actually living in Colorado and seeing this in person. Good work!
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catch---22 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Professional Photographer
thank you very much for your time and consideration :)

it's an amazingly beautiful place. every time I visit I am hit with the "what's around the corner" syndrome. gotta love it.

thank you Jes ")
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